Vladimír Kubálek

„Rozdávat rady je zbytečné. Moudrý si poradí sám a hlupák stejně neposlechne.“ Mark Twain

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Recorder and accompaniments

Welcome to my web page. I`d like to present to you here my work connected with teaching recorder playing. Because there is not always opportunity to play with a pianist as an accompaniment, I`ve used computer as a replacement with success. The sound of the computer must not always be as good as with an actual instrument, but it has it`s benefits. They are mainly:

  • instant availability (while pianist, may not be available in late night hours)
  • you can adjust your pace slow, training and accelerate it gradually (as is allowed by some programs)
  • the possibility of transposition
  • you can change the accompanying instrument (a piano, harpsichord or an organ etc.)
  • using it to play duets, trio or quartet
  • the possibility to the accompaniment as midi file for your student, or mp3 for training at home

There are many possibilities, depending on what program you use, and also on your own fantasy.

The programs, you can use to edit midi files are for example: "Opus", "Finale 2000", "Capella 2000","Encore" and many more.


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